NERD for _ Conference

3rd, 10th and 17th of June 2021 HAW Hamburg / Zentrum für Designforschung / online

With a great understanding of the ubiquitous design of all aspects of everyday life, research in design reveals an astonishing competence to discuss economic, social, ecological and medial processes of the present. In doing so, such design research, if wisely implemented, offers a fundamental critique of design as well as a variety of possible perspectives to better understand the present and prospects for the future.

This is precisely what the "New Experimental Research in Design/NERD" demonstrates in all openness, i.e. without any thematic limitation. For here young and very committed scientists appear to present their latest fundamental and contemporary research in design. On the basis of respective abstracts, six critical design researchers from Switzerland, France, Sweden, Slovakia and the USA, among others, were invited to present their theses and analyses within the framework of 30 minutes each and then to discuss this with the audience for a further 30 minutes. Which always turns out to be very exciting, stimulating and enlightening.

This year, the conference will be held online on three days in June (3rd, 10th and 17th ) and participation is free of charge. The presentations and discussions will be held in English. Here's to truly learning a lot more about your own life, about social contexts, and about design.
Links will be announced in advance. 


Further Information and Contact: 
Dr. Tom Bieling (Tom.Bieling[at]


03.06.2021 17:00-19:30

Host: Marc Pfaff

Adrian Demleitner:
"things are people too"

Hans-Jörg Pochmann:
"there is an I in  ›design‹ but none in ›computer‹"


10.06.2021 17:00-19:30

Host: Ralf Michel

Yaprak Hamarat:
"Disseminating aesthetic knowledge in design practice. Fanzines as scientific objects"

Dulmini Perera:
"What Comes After Method? Play."


17.06.2021 17:00-19:30

Hosts: Michelle Christensen & Sandra Groll

Svenja Keune, Delia Dumitrescu,
Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen:
"Shearing Layers of Cohabitation: an experimental inquiry into the bio-colonisation of textile facades"

Jozef Eduard Masarik:
"Earth( e)scape"