03.06, 10.06 & 17.06
hosted at HAW Hamburg / Zentrum für Designforschung.

Day 1:
Host: Marc Pfaff

Introduction on New Experimental Research in Design by Dr. Tom Bieling and Dr. Ralf Michel

Adrian Demleitner:
"things are people too"

Hans-Jörg Pochmann: 
“there is an I in ›design‹ but non in ›computer‹”

Day 2: 
Host: Ralf Michel

Yaprak Hamarat:
"Disseminating aesthetic knowledge in design practice. Fanzines as scientific objects"

Dulmini Perera:
"What Comes After Method? Play.”

Day 3:
Hosts: Michelle Christensen & Sandra Groll

Svenja Keune, Delia Dumitrescu, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen:
"Shearing Layers of Cohabitation: an experimental inquiry into the bio-colonisation of textile facades"

Jozef Eduard Masarik:
"Earth( e)scape”

Closing remarks Dr. Tom Bieling